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Say Goodbye to Pests in Ottawa

Are you searching for effective and reliable pest control services in Ottawa? Don’t look any further! Pest extermination solutions from us can provide peace of mind to homeowners as well as property managers and even businesses. It’s a buzzing noise or a silent intrusion. We’ve got the solution for you. With our expertise and the latest equipment With our expert knowledge, and specialized equipment, we can help eliminate insects for good.

Award-Winning Best Ottawa Pest Control Company

At Get ‘Em Out, we are always pushing the envelope for the best pest management services in Ottawa ON. From continuing education, implementing new technologies and award-winning strategies. From day one on opening day we have always had one rule, that is to make a stressful situation as stress-free as possible.”By completely solving your pest problem!”

Area We Served

At Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Removal, We have wildlife and pest control specialists. Our technicians are ready to help throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas, including Gatineau, Brockville, Cornwall, Russell, Arnprior, Kingston, Embrun, Carleton, Kanata, Kemptville, Nepean, Orleans, Barrhaven, Clarence-Rockland, Goulbourn, Cumberland, Greely, Stittsville, Carp, and Almonte.

All-in-One Services For Animal Control Ottawa, ON

Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control is the only Ottawa wildlife and pest management company that offers a one-stop shop. By specializing in a variety of services, our customers only have to deal with one company instead of hiring several different companies to handle all of the work that our professionally trained team can do! Everything from wildlife removal and prevention, animal control, soffit, fascia and siding work, permanent outdoor lighting, mold remediation, insulation restoration, and more, We can tackle all of your wildlife and pest issues with expertise and ensure your home/property is as good (if not better) than before!

Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Space

Pests can cause a range of problems, from damage homes to health issues. Don’t allow them to take over your home. The pest management services we offer in Ottawa can assist you in getting rid of them completely and stop any future outbreaks. Contact us today to arrange an inspection and take the initial step to a pest-free home!

Key Features of Our Pest Control Services:

  • Professional and prompt: Rapid responses to emergency pest issues and the least disruption to your daily routine.
  • Eco-friendly Solutions Secure for your pets, family members, as well as the natural environment.
  • Tested Results: Our tested methods and highly skilled technicians have high levels of success in the elimination of pests.
  • Customizable Plans: Customized strategies that meet your particular requirements.

Protect Your Home and Business

Pests can cause more than just discomfort. They can cause damage to properties and cause health hazards. Make a move now to get the most effective pest control Ottawa strategies. We offer reliable solutions that keep insects at bay, assuring peace and a clean area.

Ottawa Pest Control / Removal Exterminators

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Fast response, excellent service! The technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and they don't try to up-sell you.
John Farmer
John Farmer
Sean was very detail oriented and informative; the overall price of over $9K was a bit of a surprise. Hopefully you will complete the job in the same efficient manner.
Chris Lacharity
Chris Lacharity
Sean always comes through with sollitions to any problems we encounter. I’d recommend him to all my friends and clients.
Norine Wiens
Norine Wiens
Josh was very good. He showed me where he believed the mice were getting into my house. He seemed very knowledgeable.
Andrey Adelberg
Andrey Adelberg
I recently had an outstanding experience with "Get 'em Out Pest Control." Their prompt response to the scratching sounds in our attic during January was impressive. They not only inspected and identified additional entry points made by mice but also sealed them up efficiently, all covered under warranty. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and thorough service is commendable.
Vito Michienzi
Vito Michienzi
Dealing with Get 'Em Out has been a real joy. These guys are very courteous, professional and will spend the time to walk through and explain anything without feeling you're being rushed or pressured into anything. We had them come over to deal with a mouse situation and one of their technicians actually crawled under our deck to check things out just to make sure they had every area covered. It's no wonder my neighbour booked them to seal his house as well. Would definitely recommend!
Gary Bourk
Gary Bourk
Quinn was very knowledgeable and left us will several options to remediate the issue we are having. I would certainly have no hesitation to call on them again. Great client service!
Karen I
Karen I
We’ve had excellent service from this company. Solved our mice problem we had in attic of our house. Friendly and professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When I need Pest services, is it safe to stay home?

Yes, our top priority is ensuring your safety. For handling your pest problems, we use secure and safe processes. Knowing that the methods we employ work to reduce any hazards to you, your family, and your pets allows you to feel secure while remaining in your home.

How long do pesticides stay in the air after spraying.

Pesticides typically dissipate within a few hours after application. We use low-impact, targeted formulations that are effective against pests while minimizing their environmental impact. You can return to your home once the treated areas are dry, which usually takes a short amount of time, ensuring your comfort and safety.

How long should I stay out of the house during the procedure.

You can often enter your home again a few hours after our procedure. Depending on the sort of treatment being performed, the precise length may vary, but we will give you explicit instructions to ensure your safety and comfort.

What time of year is best for pest management?

A year-round issue in Ottawa is best for pest removal services. While certain pests are more active during warmer months, we offer comprehensive services throughout the year to address seasonal variations and ensure your home remains pest-free.

How often should I schedule pest services for my house?

The variety of pests and your location are just two factors that impact how often you require the services. Our experienced team will evaluate your situation and craft a personalized plan to address your precise needs, ensuring efficient and prompt pest management.

What do I need to do befofe appointment?

Before our visit, it’s helpful to declutter and clear access to affected areas so our team can get right to getting the pests out of your home. Our technicians will provide specific instructions tailored to your unique situation to ensure a smooth and effective process.

Is It beneficial for a home?


Yes, It is highly beneficial for a home. It helps protect your home from potentially damaging and disease-carrying pests. Our professional team has solutions that can help guard your home against structural damage, protect the health of your family, and keep your home cleaner.

How can I obtain effective services?

To obtain effective services, it’s important to hire a reputable and licensed company in Ottawa. Search for companies that employ seasoned professionals utilizing environmentally conscious and safe approaches. Read customer reviews and ask for referrals to ensure the quality of service. Our team ensures successful solutions through inspection, treatment, and continuous prevention measures.


How to get rid of pests in Ottawa?

Getting rid of pests requires a multi-step approach:

  • Determine the pest: Find out what kind of bug/animal you are dealing with. Proper identification is crucial for effective treatment. If you don’t know what animal/bug is causing the issue with your home, don’t worry, our team can come provide an inspection to determine the animal and issue.
  • Hire a Professional: Get in touch with a well-established company that has expertise in addressing the particular pest problem you’re dealing with.
  • Inspection: The pest management specialist will perform a complete inspection to evaluate the infestation’s scope and pinpoint entry points.
  • Treatment: Using the inspection results as a guide, the technician will carry out a customized action plan, which could involve chemical applications, one-way doors, traps, exclusion techniques, or other suitable actions.
  • Prevention: After removing the pests, work with your service provider to establish preventive measures to avoid future infestations.
  • Contact us here for effective services – 613-852-MICE (6423)

How much does pest management cost?

The costs in Ottawa vary based on factors like pest type, home size, infestation severity, and treatment methods. For a precise cost estimate, reach out to us at Get Em Out Wildlife for all your needs. Opting for professional best pest management proves to be a budget-friendly approach to safeguarding your home and family from persistent pest issues.


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We are the only best company that offers you full removal and repairs caused by wildlife. Not to mention the wide array of maintenance and repair work we do! But not only that: we are proud to have received back-to-back Top Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021, among others. Most importantly though, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients: just look at our reviews on Google, HomeStars and some of our testimonials.

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