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At Get ‘Em Out, we are always pushing the envelope for pest control. From continuing education, implementing new technologies and award winning strategies. From day one on opening day we have always had one rule, that is to make a stressful situation as stress free as possible.”By completely solving your pest problem!”

Ottawa Pest control Team

Simplify Ottawa Pest Control with Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control’s All-in-One Services

Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control is the only pest control company to provide one stop service. By having to only deal with one company and not hire several different companies to handle one problem. Such as a roofing company, Soffit and fascia company, Mold remediation company, Insulation Restoration company, And Cleaning and disinfection company.

Pest Control Ottawa: One Call, One Schedule

By only dealing with one company you don’t have to schedule multiple dates and change your schedule. You don’t have to worry about finding someone to actually do the job and not jack the price up, because it’s a smaller job then what they want to do. You have the piece of mind that if something does go wrong (animal gets back in) you only have to make one call. For example, the roofing company will blame the soffit company and the soffit company will blame the insulation company and you will run around in circles trying to get someone back to your home meanwhile the animals are destroying the home again.

This is part of the reason why we give a lifetime guarantee, because we know it’s done right the first time. And if a mistake is made, let’s face it, mistakes do happen and unforseen circumstances can happen. You are covered! This one rule is what completely separates us from “All” other pest control companies. And why we continue to win awards and set the bar for customer service.

Call Get ‘Em Out and let us take the stress off!

A Permanent Solution to Your Humane Wildlife Control Ottawa

Animals don’t understand the concept of human housing. They view the spaces in our attics or under our decks as potential shelter from predators and severe weather, as well as places to build nests for their babies. But because of the damage these animals can cause to our homes and the risks they can pose to our health with the bacteria and diseases they may carry, it is important for you to get them out of the house and off your property as quickly as possible. Contact us for pest removal or animal control in Ottawa.

Whether it is a mouse, a bat, a squirrel or a raccoon: Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control Inc. provides the best pest control Ottawa and has the expertise to remove any pest from your home or property in a humane and safe way.

Ottawa  Animal Control and Pest Removal Services.

Ottawa Pest Control Exterminator & Wildlife Removal Services

Not only do we provide humane wildlife control services in Ottawa, but we are also the only animal control and humane pest control company in Ottawa that offers its customers full repair services for the damage caused by the wildlife. With over ten years of experience in home repair, we offer quality house repairs services.

Home Repair & Maintenance Services

While wildlife control in Ottawa is what we are best for, we also provide a range of maintenance services. Our experience in those fields allows us to offer expert repair work when dealing with animal & pest control in Ottawa too. So instead of hiring an exterminator and separate contractor, we provide you with the 2-in-1 service.

Ottawa Pest Control and Animal Control Company

Maintenance and repair services we offer include, for example:


Best Pest Control Ottawa

As you can see, we are more than just your regular animal control & pest control company in Ottawa. Our experience in all these areas allows us to go that step further and aside from cleaning up the mess that any animal leaves, we are also able to repair the damages it has caused – all with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Ottawa Pest Control / Removal Services

Mouse Removal

Mouse Removal

If you think you have mice in your house, you probably do. But, don’t worry: we know the inner workings of a mouse.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

Having squirrels in your attic can drive you nuts. To help you get rid of squirrels in the attic, we’ve got your back.

Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Bat Guano. Those are two words you never want to hear. But that’s the biggest issue when it comes to having bats in your house.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Things can get real ugly, real fast with raccoons. We have fun with raccoon removal, because there’s a science to it.

Bird Removal

Bird Removal

In most cases, birds are more of a nuisance, but where there’s birds, there’s predators. Think: weasels, rats and raccoons.

Commercial Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control

We’ll work with you to create a solution that works for your business, while staying discreet and following safety regulations.

Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal

These guys stink, but they also carry bacteria, parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans, such as rabies, tapeworms and ticks.

Restoration & Home Repairs

Restoration & Home Repairs

We are Ottawa’s only full restoration company specifically designed for wildlife repairs and contamination.
Pest Control Ottawa

Mouse Removal

If you think you have mice in your house, then you probably do. As soon as you see signs too, it is time to call us right away. But don’t worry: we understand the inner workings of a mouse. We can get rid of those little critters for you.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are often considered cute and quiet, but having them in your attic can drive you – well, nuts (pardon, the pun). We know how to remove them from your attic permanently – and how to repair any damage that they may have caused.

Animal Control Ottawa
Ottawa Pest Control & Removal Services

Bat Removal

We knew that bats were not only a nuisance but also a health hazard long before the Coronavirus pandemic. Bat Guano, for example, are two words you never want to hear. If you have bats in your house, we can get them out as quickly as possible.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are notorious for two things: rummaging in human garbage and carrying rabies. Therefore, trying to approach a raccoon is not always advisable. Things can get really ugly, really fast with them. However, there’s a science to getting rid of them and we know how.

Wildlife Control Ottawa
Best Pest Control Ottawa

Bird Control

In most cases, birds are merely a nuisance. Aside from their nests and poo, birds themselves don’t really cause any trouble. But where there are birds, there are predators, like weasels, rats, and raccoons. In order to keep those out, it is advisable to keep birds away, too.

Commercial Bird Control

Birds are not only nuisances at private dwellings, but also can be disturbing businesses. We work with you to create solutions that work for your business while also staying discreet and following safety regulations.

Ottawa Pest Control Exterminator
Human Wildlife Control Ottawa

Skunk Removal

When we think of skunks we first think of their smell. But these little guys not only smell rather unpleasantly, they also carry bacteria, parasites and diseases like tapeworms, ticks, and rabies. Not to mention that they can destroy your lawn and garden.

Attic Restoration & Home Repairs

Not only do we offer wildlife removal in Ottawa. As we are only full restoration company specifically designed for wildlife repairs and contamination, we also know how to repair the damage that they have caused.

Best Pest Control Company in Ottawa

Why Choose Us? For Pest Control Ottawa


We provide a 2-in-1 service of wildlife removal and repair and maintenance work for your home. But that is not the only reason why we are one of the top-rated Ottawa pest control companies. Below are some other reasons that separate us from the competition.
Humane Wildlife Control Ottawa

Animal cruelty is wrong. Animals that seek shelter in human dwellings don’t do so out of malicious intent and there is no reason to harm or even kill them. As experienced exterminators in Ottawa, we believe that any animal can be safely removed from your home. Even when we find entire litters and we remove the babies, we make sure that they are reunited with their mother safely outside of your home. Contact us for animal control pest control ottawa.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to provide the best pest control. That includes not only the successful (and safe) removal of any animal from your house or property, but also the repair of any damage that animal may have caused, as well as a follow-up visit to see whether you are fully satisfied with the job we have done.

Full Restoration Services
When animals take shelter in your home or on your property, they may cause damage or wreak some kind of havoc. At Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control, we not only provide wildlife control in Ottawa but also conduct any repairs of any damages that these animals may have caused to your home or property. From damaged insulation in the attic to torn off siding on your porch – we fix it.
No Pushy Sales Technicians
Much like uninvited animals, sales technicians can be a pest. While we do provide repairs to your home, we don’t try to sell you things that you don’t need. We are simply here to remove the animal safely and humanely from your home, repair the damages it may have caused, and clean up the mess it left. That’s it.
Lifetime Warranty

We go beyond your regular animal control in Ottawa – we also repair any damages that the animal has caused. If you are hesitant to have those repairs done by an exterminator, we assure you that we have the experience and know-how in home repair to do the job as well as anybody else. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our work.

  • Humane Wildlife Control
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Full Restoration Services
  • No Pushy Sales Technicians
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Since moving into a home with some previous neglect, Get Em Out has been helping us get a handle on things. They’ve been honest since the get go and provided really thorough work while providing EXCEPTIONAL customer service. We’ve had many various tradespeople and contractors in, and Get Em Out is night and day in their services provided.
Thea Powers

Google Review

Excellent experience with Get em Out. They fixed the problem of where a raccoon was trying to get into my attic fast and effectively. This company is excellent to work with from the booking, to service, to payment. Very responsive and professional. They were also very respectful of physical distancing during their visit. I highly recommend them.
Sandra Kuchta

Google Review

Sean has been our go to resource for all manner of wildlife issues dating back many years. He offers a thoughtful and humane approach to dealing with these problems and he is as straight as six o’clock. I recommend him highly.
Doc Methot

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We are the only pest control company that offers you full removal and repairs caused by wildlife in Ottawa. Not to mention the wide array of maintenance and repair work we do! But not only that: we are proud to have received back-to-back Top Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021, among others. Most importantly though, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients: just look at our reviews on Google, HomeStars and some of our testimonials.

Best Business Award 2021 for Pest Removal services in Ottawa.
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Animal Removal Ottawa
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When you experience problems with the best pest control company in Ottawa, make sure to call the experts at Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control. Not only can we help you get rid of whatever animal you are dealing with, but we also offer home repairs and restoration of any damage your pest has caused! For more information or to receive a quote for animal control and human wildlife removal & control, contact us today