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You’ve worked hard creating your dream home, but when you’ve got pests lurking in corners, it can feel like you’re living a nightmare. Every time you open a cupboard you’re dreading what you’ll find. Will there be mice? Bats? Droppings? That’s not to mention the damage pests can cause to your home.

That’s where we come in.

We are Ottawa’s only full restoration company specifically designed for wildlife repairs and contamination. In other words, we’re the pest control specialists that will get the pests out, keep them out, and restore your building back to its original condition.


 To do this, we will:

  • Asses your space to determine a quote
  • Humanely remove pests from your premises
  • Block entry points so pests cannot re-enter
  • Restore the damage caused by pests
Attic Restoration Ottawa

How We Deal With Contaminated Attic Insulation:

When it comes to dealing with contamination, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our clients and technicians. We use industry leading techniques to ensure there is no cross-contamination between contaminated zones and living spaces.

Here’s How It Works:

  • We begin the removal of urine and feces soaked insulation
  • Once all contaminated material is removed, we perform a detailed inspection of wires, vapour barriers and ductwork
  • When we know it’s safe to proceed, we begin to air-seal pot lights, interior wall tops, plumbing and wires
  • We then disinfect your attic with an environmentally friendly cleaner and mold treatment
  • Next, we build barriers around the soffit edge and make sure the attic will have the proper circulating airflow required for a healthy attic.
  • Lastly, we install an environmentally friendly insulation made with 87% recycled materials

Plus, we guarantee the new insulation we give you will not be less than an R value of 60.

After we’ve ensured your pesky critters won’t be coming back to visit, we can also perform repairs on your:

  • Soffit
  • Shingles
  • Siding
  • Vents
  • Attic

Our group of wildlife control specialists will help return your home to its former glory after pest damage. Contact us to get started with an estimate.

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Attic Restorations & Home Repairs | Testimonials 

Excellent experience with Get em Out. They fixed the problem of where a raccoon was trying to get into my attic fast and effectively. This company is excellent to work with from the booking, to service, to payment. Very responsive and professional. They were also very respectful of physical distancing during their visit. I highly recommend them.

Sandra Kuchta

Google Review

Really great company. We had a mouse problem in our attic (Jan) and a baby on the way. A team member came by and explained what the scratching was we were hearing in the roof and also provided a quote.
For us it was worth the price and didn’t seem expensive. All the holes around the house were patched and a one way exit put in for the mice, an animal deterrent was sprayed in the roof to encourage the mice to leave and I was assured it was safe with my pregnancy 🙂
With the deal you get a lifetime (stays with the home) guarantee which we used again this fall when we heard a few scratches. Two guys came out and patched up a few more holes and we’re mouse free again 🙂

Merissa Pyke

Google Review

Sean and his team continue to impress. I decided to hire Sean and his team to re-insulate my attic. He had done some work on my home a couple of months ago and did a fantastic job. This is why I was confident in hiring his team again. I was not disappointed! They did a thorough job and Sean (the owner) came back to inspect the work after it was done to ensure we were completely satisfied. He is always available to answer questions, despite being so busy. I appreciate all of the team’s follow up.

Francesco Fotia

Google Review