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Bat Guano. Those are two words you never want to hear. But that’s the biggest issue when it comes to having bats in your house.

In other words, Bat guano is their droppings. It can be pretty toxic to people, causing histoplasmosis, which can be deadly if it spreads throughout the body.

Bats are also a predator’s bait. These snack-sized animals attract predators, such as raccoons and weasels. This can lead to another infestation of unwanted animals.

Either way, it’s in your best interest to get the bats out of your house as fast as possible.

If you think you might have a bat infestation in your attic, there are a few things you can keep your eyes (and ears) open for. The big one is when you see the bats leave your house at dusk. More often than not, bats leave en masse, which means the whole colony leaves at once. Other signs include squeaking in your walls, fluttering noises, and a very strong ammonia-like smell.

Getting professional pest control help is important. Bats are protected creatures which means you have to know what you’re doing when removing them.

Bat Removal Ottawa

Ottawa Bat Control And Removal Process

We first figure out all points of entry. This can be tricky, since bats can fit through holes you wouldn’t think possible.

From there, we install a one-way door and deodorize the area, so that once the bats get out, they can’t find their way back in.

After that comes the clean-up. We go in and clean up all the droppings and repair any damage that might have happened from the bats’ presence.

We come back after 60 days to make sure the bats have stayed away and to ensure you’re happy with the work that we’ve done. And, of course, we guarantee our work for life. Contact us for bat removal services in ottawa


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Sean at Get ‘ Em Out quickly and accurately assessed the problem and thoroughly explained the solution to our mouse issue. Joshua was meticulous and professional in helping us deal with the little critters. Not only dealing with the mice but also helping to prevent further problems by sealing up any possible problem areas. It is nice to deal with a company of professionals that take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend them.

Susan Eastman

Google Review

Sean and his staff were knowledgeable and excellent with answering any questions regarding our situation. Quote was provided fast and efficiently. Sean explained previous work on our house was ineffective and made sure the job was done right. Not only did he explain why throughly but made sure our house is now protected from any future rodents.

Sonia Weland

Google Review

I hired Get Em Out after receiving a few consultations from other pest control companies. While Get Em Out was a bit more expensive budget wise, I liked that they have a life-time guarantee on any work that they touch during their job and that they provided several options based on your budget. I went a bit more out of my budget for basically a one stop shop solution and I was very impressed. I had mice issues during the fall of 2019 and had another follow up recently. Sean and Quin have been nothing but professional with regard to some matters that pertained to my home and other things. A great local company and will be recommending them to all my friends and family in the future if they ever run into similar issues as me.

Crystal Lam

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