Canadian Wildlife Federation Bat House Program



Get Em Out is teaming up with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to conserve local bat species.

As such, we are participating in CWF’s Bat house program geared towards:

  • Establishing professional standards of practice when dealing with bats;
  • Only evicting bats at the time of year that is not harmful to the pups (paying close attention to the yearly life cycle of the Little Brown Bat);
  • Providing alternative roosting sites;
  • Increasing public awareness, community engagement, and citizen science;
  • Researching and developing alternatives to eviction including building retrofits, partitions, and annual maintenance.

Together, Get Em Out and CWF are looking for homeowners to participate in our study.

Let us know if you:

  • Have bats in your home;
  • Have decided that eviction is necessary;
  • Are willing to evict according to the bat calendar;
  • Are interested in allowing us to provide an alternative roosting box on your property.

For additional information on bats please visit CWF online:


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