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In most cases, birds are more of a nuisance than anything else. They make a lot of noise, carry feather mites (imagine 1000’s of bugs crawling out of your stove vent or bathroom exhaust fan), they poop everywhere and they’re protective of their nests.

But here’s the catch with birds. Where there’s birds, there’s predators. Think: weasels, rats and raccoons.

This means there’s a good chance you’re going to have deal with the aftermath of a predator attack at some point. Or worse, you’re not going to know it happened and things are going to get ugly (and moldy) inside your walls and attic.

Luckily, when it comes to bird removal, we have the experience needed to get’ em out.

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Birds like to sneak into openings in your soffit or wall vents to build their nests. Once birds get in, sometimes just accessing the space can be challenging, especially with mama bird in your face.

We remove the birds, repair the hole and fix any damage that might have been caused by the bird. We also take steps to make sure the bird doesn’t just sneak back in.

If they’re chilling on your roof, we get creative. For instance, Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control can turn rooftop ledges into surfaces that are no longer ideal for the birds without having to use ugly bird spikes.


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Bird Removal Service | Testimonials

Removed a birds nest from under our roof and repaired the soffit. They worked quickly and effectively, letting us know how things were going while they worked. Email communication was detailed, helpful and the quote was spot on. Thanks for helping us !

Anne Christensen

Google Review

A neighbour told us we had a hole in our soffit so we called a couple companies for a quote. The first company came and looked around and told us we had raccoons in the attic. They did the inspection from the ground and pointed out paw prints on the downspout. When Sean came, he got up on the ladder and took pictures. He told us we definitely didn’t have a raccoon inside but that we must have had birds there which attracted the raccoon. He assured us the space was not big enough for a raccoon. We decided to go with Get Em Out and get everything fixed and wildlife proof other problem spots. Quinn came and did a great job on the exterior. He checked the attic and it looks like the birds never made it inside. All fixes match the house and look great! After taking a walk around the neighbourhood and seeing other houses with birds nesting in the soffit or raccoon damage, I’m very happy we did it all and we have peace of mind we won’t have unwanted animals in the house.

Kelly Lanthier

Google Review

We came back from vacation and discovered we had sparrows in our fire place. Called get’em out and they came within an hour. They were very profesional assessed the home and figured the best way to get the birds out humainly. Caught and released the birds without hurting them or disturbing the home. They then sealed the chimney so it would not happen again. Very courteous removed their shoes while inside without even asking. Would definitely recommend.

Neal Samson

Google Review