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Gutter Guards & Cleaning Services

A gutter guard is a great addition to your home.

It will protect your gutters from the accumulation of leaves, pine needles, dirt and debris that could cause issues if your gutters aren’t maintained properly.

Gutter guards work by allowing rainfall to pass freely down into the roof gutter, while preventing leaves, pine needles and other dirt and debris from settling into your gutter.

There are multiple designs available to fit your budget and they can be professionally or DIY installed.

In addition to keeping your gutters clean, Gutter Guards also serve a number of other important functions, such as:

  • Preventing animals from building nests
  • Reducing the requirement to use a ladder – making them a safer option
  • Keeping water from pooling, which can lead to insects
  • Providing protection for your gutters and allowing them to work longer
  • Aiding in harvesting rainwater

 There are a variety of types of gutter guards, but maintaining them to keep them clean and free of debris is similar for all. Occasionally, a branch or leaf may get stuck in the Gutter Guards and require removal.

Gutter Guard Options

They work with existing gutters, are easily installed, and are budget friendly. The bristled brushes fit directly onto the gutter and allow water to pass through but catch large debris. These need to be checked periodically for debris and dirt.

Foam Blocks
These are set into the gutter and allow water to pass through. Debris is not able to pass through, however, their dense nature may require occasional rinsing as well as removal of stuck debris such as pine needles or twigs. They are inexpensive, and a quick and easy solution to avoid needing a full gutter cleanout.

Perforated Guards
They are constructed of metal and fit over your gutter. Water is allowed to pass through, but large debris cannot enter. If accumulation of debris occurs, it will be on top of the perforated guards and can be easily swept away once dry.

Mesh Screen Guards
These guards have a super fine mesh that fits over the gutter. They are similar to perforated guards but there is more space for water to flow and no debris whatsoever can enter the gutter. If accumulations occur, they can be easily wiped clean.

Reverse-Curve Designs

They typically fit over the existing gutter via attachment to the roof, or could be an entire gutter system that allows rainwater to “curve” down the gutter while debris is washed away. Reverse-Curve Designs are considered to be very effective if installed correctly and require very little or no maintenance.

Clogged gutters can cause major headaches for homeowners and can even ruin the roof. If you have made the investment of a guard system – ensure it is properly maintained.

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