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You might be surprised to know that almost every indoor environment has low level mold. But a problem exists when there is visible mold in a home or there is a higher than normal number of airborne mold spores.

Do I need to test for mold?

Answer: Usually, NO.

If the mold is already visible, you rarely need to spend money on pre-testing it. It just needs to be removed. Visible mold growth does not belong in a healthy home. There is usually no need to identify what type or concentration of mold exists via testing since all mold should be removed the same way.

There is one instance where pre-testing visible mold is recommended, and it’s when “hard proof” is needed for a negotiation. This could happen during a house purchase where mold confirmation will assist in negotiating the price down

Mold Treatment ottawa

What should I expect from a true mold removal professional?

You can expect that our professionals will clearly explain the step-by-step process of the mold removal project.

Professional mold removal in the home:

1. Containment. This prevents cross-contamination of mold spores to non-affected areas of the building.

2. HEPA Air Scrubbing. The air is cleaned using commercial-grade and industrial-strength air scrubbing machines. They use HEPA filters, which capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores that could pass through the filters. This helps improve the air quality in the room and prevent mold spores from circulating to other areas.

3. Selective Demo. The negatively impacted building materials are carefully removed. There is a focus on controlled demo/removal in order to prevent disturbing additional mold spores.

4. HEPA Vacuum. The contaminated area is vacuumed using HEPA filters which function as described above.

5. Antimicrobial Cleaning. The contaminated area then needs to be cleaned with hospital-grade antimicrobial cleaning agents which kill mold growth.

6. Final HEPA Vacuuming & Clean-Up of Work Area. This is the final step and involves HEPA vacuuming and performing an antimicrobial cleaning of surfaces where mold spores could have settled in the work area. The job is then double-checked for quality, the containment is removed and the customer is informed of the successful remediation.

You can call Get’em Out Wildlife Control for effective solutions in mold and our Ottawa pest control services to keep your home healthy.

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