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The old cartoon portrayal of a mouse in your house makes these little critters look rather charming: hiding in the wall, always looking for cheese. The reality, of course, is a lot less charming. Not only can they be a nuisance but the diseases they carry can be potentially fatal. Therefore, you will want to call your trusted Ottawa mouse exterminator as soon as you suspect a mouse in your home and get rid of your mouse problem. Get Em Out Wildlife Control is your expert for mouse control in Ottawa.

Mice Control Ottawa

Signs of Mice in Your Home

Since mice are nocturnal, you will notice a lot of the following signs in the morning without ever seeing the culprits themselves. Once you are able to spot a mouse, chances are you are already dealing with a full-blown infestation. It is therefore all the more important to know about and recognize the early signs of potentially having a mouse in your home.

The most frequent signs that a mouse has entered your home include:

  • MOUSE DROPPINGS:  like with other pests, the most prominent sign of mice in your home are their droppings. These usually look like small, black kernels of rice (if they are bigger than rice, you are likely dealing with a rat).
  • DIRT ALONG THE WALLS: mice have rather poor eyesight, so they use your walls as orientation. As they run along, they leave marks: dirt from their feet, droppings, urine
  • AMMONIA-LIKE SMELL: mice have a very distinct, ammonia-like smell
  • TEETH MARKS AND DAMAGES: mice share a common problem with other rodents (for example squirrels) in that their teeth keep growing. That necessitates them to constantly chew on things and keep their teeth trimmed. To do so, they will find harder, but chewable materials in your home: woods or cables are prominent examples
  • TYPICAL MOUSE NOISES: during their active period at night, you may hear mice scratching, squealing, or gnawing. You may also hear them bump into walls or other items due to their poor sight

You may think that calling a specialist in mice removal and control in Ottawa just on the mere suspicion of a mouse is unnecessary and want to wait until you actually find the mouse or mice. You might want to think twice about that: mice reproduce very quickly and the larger the infestation, the more costly and time-consuming the removal work will be.

Further, their urine can attract other animals, such as raccoons, squirrels or bats – all of which bring their own problems and disturbances. So if you spot one or more of the above signs of mice in your home, even without ever spotting a mouse itself, it is time to call your trusted specialists in Ottawa mouse removal and control.

Problems Mice Cause

Mice are the silent killers of your home. They get into your walls and cause all kinds of problems: they destroy your insulation, gnaw on wooden frames or get into and spoil your food. But mice are more than just a mere nuisance: they present an actual danger. By gnawing on cables, they may present a fire hazard, and they carry parasites like ticks and fleas. Most severely though, they carry various viruses and bacteria like hantavirus.

All these are good reasons for not trying to remove or control mice yourself. Instead, call your local Ottawa mouse & mice exterminator as soon as you suspect a mouse inside your house. As your experts in mice control in Ottawa, Get Em Out Wildlife Control specializes in removing mice from your home.

Ottawa Mouse Removal And Mice Control Process

As your experienced Ottawa mouse exterminator, we at Get Em Out Wildlife Control bring the experience and a proven and time-tested game plan to the table. We begin with a 50-point inspection of your property. In doing so, we determine the places that might help a mouse get into your home. It could be obvious places like holes in your house – anything bigger than your pinky finger will do the trick. Other places may be less obvious, such as areas where there is a transition between a smooth surface and a rough surface.

Once we have determined the points of entry, our Ottawa mice exterminators install one-way doors on those and spray down the area with a deodorizer. This ensures that the mice in your home cannot find their way back in once we have gotten them out.

Once the mice have been removed from your home, we conduct any repairs or restoration work necessary for damage that was caused by the mice. Finally, we do one final check 60 days after our initial removal and repair process to confirm that the mice have not returned and to make sure that you are happy with the repair work that we have done.

Mice Control Ottawa

We understand the inner workings of mice. In the over ten years since Get Em Out Wildlife Control was founded, we have encountered all kinds of problems caused by mice: from destroyed insulation to gnawed electrical cables. We are here to remove and control all mice from your home quickly, effectively, and humanely. At the same time, we have the know-how to repair and replace all damages caused by the little critters thanks to our experience in home renovation and repairs. Contact us for Ottawa mice control and removal services. 

If you have (or suspect) a mouse in your home, reach out to the experts at Get Em Out Wildlife Control and receive a free quote today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Signs Of Mice In My House?

Since mice are nocturnal, actually spotting a mouse is not the most likely first sign of having a mouse in your house. If you do, you are very likely already dealing with a full-blown infestation. For early signs, look out for mouse droppings, dirt along the walls, teeth- and scratch marks, and an ammonia-like smell. Also, listen for scratching noises at night. If in doubt, give an Ottawa mice exterminator at Get Em Out Wildlife a call and we can evaluate the situation.

What Can I Do To Prevent Mice From Entering My House?

Mice are often attracted by food. Make sure to put your food away every night into the fridge or pantry, and, ideally, store it in glass or plastic containers. Also, don’t forget to regularly clean below and behind the oven, the fridge, and anywhere you store or prepare food. Make sure that your home is properly sealed. Mice can squeeze in through pretty small openings, no larger than a quarter of an inch.

Are Mice Dangerous?

Obviously, mice are not dangerous in the way that, say, lions or poisonous snakes are dangerous; but mice can pose serious health risks for you and your family in two ways. The first one is by leaving their droppings in your (unsealed) food. Mice can carry salmonella, leptospirosis, or the hantavirus and may transmit those through their droppings. The second way mice pose a danger is that they can also cause damage to your home or property. For example, they can chew through electrical cables, thus posing a fire hazard. For all those reasons, it is important to call the mouse control Ottawa experts at Get Em Out Wildlife when you find (or suspect) that you have a mouse in your home.

How Do You Make Sure That The Mice Don’t Return?

There is no guarantee that no mouse will ever enter your house again after our Ottawa mouse exterminator has removed them. But we reduce the likelihood as much as we can by doing a 50-point inspection of your home to see where mice could enter. We will point to those and give recommendations about what you can do to mouse-proof these points. We also check up with you after 60 days to ensure that the mice have not returned.

Can You Repair The Damage That The Mice Have Caused?

Yes, we do repair any damages to your home caused by mice. From chewed electrical cables to teeth-marked baseboards – we offer restoration and repair work for any damage caused by the mice in your home. Contact us today for all your mice control Ottawa needs.


We are the only Ottawa pest control company that offers you full removal and repairs caused by wildlife. Not to mention the wide array of maintenance and repair work we do! But not only that: we are proud to have received back-to-back Top Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021, among others. Most importantly though, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients: just look at our reviews on Google, HomeStars and some of our testimonials.

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Mouse Removal Service | Testimonials

I contacted “Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control”, after suspecting we had mice and/or raccoons in our attic. Sean came out the same day and was very professional, knowledgable and thorough with his inspection. He even made a second trip out to us on the weekend to speak with my husband about the job, walked him through the process and made suggestions along the way on how we could save money. We are very pleased with everything and look forward to working with Sean to solve our mouse problem.

Jennifer McKay

Google Review

Sean at Get ‘ Em Out quickly and accurately assessed the problem and thoroughly explained the solution to our mouse issue. Joshua was meticulous and professional in helping us deal with the little critters. Not only dealing with the mice but also helping to prevent further problems by sealing up any possible problem areas. It is nice to deal with a company of professionals that take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend them.

Susan Eastman

Google Review

We had other companies come out and try to solve our mouse problem and they never did. They just chucked some poison in my attic and said the problem will solve itself. They changed me a few hundred bucks and told me this was my only option. A friend highly recommended Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control to us. From the moment i first called i could just tell the level of professionalism. They took pictures and did a full inspection of my home and found the actual point of entry to my home (builder flaw) we haven’t had a single mouse in our home and with the lifetime guarantee i doubt we ever will. I would 100% recommend Get em out to my family and friends. Thanks for a job well done.

Susan Eastman

Google Review