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Late February early March we start to notice little sounds and big bangs coming from our attic. Thats mom making a nest for her new arrivals. A litter of kits typically 2-8 of the masked bandits.

Raccoon during baby season can be very bold and extremely protective of their offspring. Trying to DIY (do it yourself) the problem can make the problem go from bad to oh my God what have I done really quick. If mom is locked out of the attic and babies are still inside she will do everything in her power to get back to her babies. This usually means ripping the shingles off your roof and the destruction of soffit and siding.

Get ‘Em Out technicians are fully equipped to handle all situations that may arise during baby season. From entering the attic and removing the babies safely and reuniting them with mom. To the full repairs of shingles, soffit, siding and complete decontamination and restoration of the attic.

We Don’t Just Get ‘Em Out! We Keep ‘Em Out!

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