Size: 2-16 mm 

Colors: Grey, Black, Metallic Green, and Yellowish 


Every home serves as a sanctuary of comfort and security for homeowners, fostering family gatherings and cherished moments. Among the most enjoyable seasons at home is summer, when family members often take respite from school and work. For residents of Ottawa, this time holds particular appeal.

However, at Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control, the tranquility of home life can be disrupted by the presence of flies indoors. Wondering how to eliminate them? Fear not. Here are effective methods to safeguard your home from flies.

Identify The Type Of Flies

To effectively combat flies invading your home, first identify the specific type—whether fruit flies, house flies, or others. Proper identification facilitates targeted solutions for eradication.

Pest Profile Flies

Locate The Breeding Ground

Next, pinpoint the breeding grounds of these flies. Typically found within 500 to 800 meters of the affected area, start your search armed with accurate leads and estimates. Thoroughly identifying the breeding source is crucial for successful fly prevention.

Cleanse The Source

Once the breeding ground is identified, initiate thorough cleaning. Utilize appropriate cleaning tools to prevent fly infestation, ensuring all hard-to-reach areas are meticulously addressed to eliminate any remaining eggs.

Commence cleaning immediately upon identifying the breeding source to preempt further infestations in your home or surrounding areas. This approach guarantees effective fly control measures.

Await 1 To 5 Months

Flies typically live for 1 to 5 months. Post-cleansing of the breeding ground, monitor for approximately 3 months to ensure no new infestations occur. Additionally, explore alternative methods for effectively eliminating flies.

Consider employing effective fly deterrents such as vodka-based repellents, clove-based deterrents, apple cider vinegar traps, sugar water traps, and other proven methods.

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