The Groundhogs

Groundhogs, also known as whistle-pigs or woodchucks, are commonly found throughout Canada, with a significant presence in the Ottawa region. As members of the marmot family, these creatures are notorious for their burrowing habits, which can make them quite a nuisance. Groundhogs spend their mornings sunning and grazing, making them easy to spot in fields, meadows, and yards.

The Impact of Groundhog Burrowing

Groundhogs are prolific burrowers, and their activities can be costly for property owners if left unchecked. Their burrows can damage pastures, eat crops, and create hazardous holes that can injure livestock. Furthermore, groundhogs often carry parasites such as botflies, fleas, chiggers, ticks, and lice, which can spread diseases like tularemia and rabies.

Groundhog Damage to Gardens and Farms

Home gardeners and farmers can face significant challenges due to groundhog activity. These animals enjoy eating vegetables, which can weaken soil in certain areas and damage farm equipment and property structures. Rabies is a serious concern, as groundhogs, being mammals, are susceptible to the disease.

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    Effective Groundhog Removal Solutions

    To manage groundhog issues, it is crucial to remove and trap these pests from your property. There are effective solutions available to address groundhog problems.

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