The Mouse

Physical Characteristics: 

The house mouse, typically weighing between 12-30 grams and measuring about 175 mm in length, is characterized by its pointed snout, large ears, and distinctive front paws numbering four, with five in the rear.


Sporting a brownish-grey coat, the house mouse matures in six weeks and boasts a lifespan of approximately one year.

Ecological Impact:  

Considered one of the most successful rodents cohabiting with humans, the house mouse thrives wherever people reside. Feeding voraciously on human food sources, these rodents reproduce rapidly and seek refuge within human structures, posing significant economic and structural threats.

Pest Profile mouse

Habitation and Entry: 

House mice favour residing in and around human dwellings, drawn by accessible food sources such as cereals, meats, nuts, fruits, and grains. They seek warmth in centrally-heated environments during winter months and construct nests from materials found in homes, warehouses, and fields.

Destructive Behavior: 

Renowned for their destructive habits, house mice inflict damage beyond their nutritional needs. Consuming over three grams of food daily, they wreak havoc by gnawing through materials, contaminating food supplies with urine and excrement, and compromising structural integrity through incessant gnawing necessary to maintain tooth length.

Health Risks: 

In addition to property damage, house mice pose health risks by transmitting diseases such as salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever through contact with their waste. Their presence in unsanitary environments increases the likelihood of human exposure.

Control and Prevention: 

Controlling house mouse infestations requires consistent vigilance and preventative measures. Practices such as regular cleaning, minimizing clutter, storing food in secure, pest-resistant containers, and promptly disposing of garbage outdoors can mitigate infestation risks.

Trapping and Removal: 

Early detection of mouse activity is crucial for effective management. Professional pest control services, like those provided by Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control, offer swift and reliable solutions tailored to address infestations promptly.

Service Area: 

Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control serves various communities throughout Ontario, including Ottawa, Gatineau, Brockville, Cornwall, Russell, Arnprior, Kingston, Embrun, Carleton, Kanata, Kemptville, Nepean, Orleans, Barrhaven, Clarence-Rockland, Goulbourn, Cumberland, Greely, Stittsville, Carp, and Almonte.

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