Pigeons: Size, Color, and Behavior

Pigeons, measuring up to 34 cm in length, display a bluish-grey hue with distinct black wings, though their colouration can vary. These birds are known to frequent urban environments, nesting predominantly in man-made structures such as buildings and balconies. Apart from their presence, pigeons pose significant concerns as they can contaminate food sources and potentially transmit diseases to livestock and humans alike.

Pigeon Removal and Control in Ottawa

Pigeons, reaching lengths of up to 11 inches and weighing between 11 to 13 ounces, rank among the largest feral bird species globally. While traditionally nesting along coastal cliffs, these adaptable birds also settle near residential and commercial properties, drawn by open garbage containers and grain silos commonly found in parks and farms. Pigeons feed on various sources, including seeds, grains, and human refuse, often roosting on rooftops, bridges, and window ledges.

Pest Profile Pigeons

Challenges and Solutions

Addressing a pigeon infestation promptly is crucial due to the myriad issues it can cause. Accumulated droppings not only deface structures but also pose health risks such as histoplasmosis, and a respiratory infection. Moreover, pigeons carry parasites like ticks and fleas, and their large flocks can lead to collisions with aircraft and contamination of stored grains.

Effective Control Strategies

Effective pigeon control involves a comprehensive approach tailored to each situation. At Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control, our expert animal control technicians in Ottawa specialize in implementing sustainable solutions. Strategies include eliminating food sources, repairing entry points, and employing deterrents such as porcupine wire and mechanical barriers to prevent roosting. We emphasize long-term results, integrating methods like predator bird deployment and physical alterations to nesting areas.

Why Choose Professionals

Unlike ineffective scare tactics, our methods are grounded in expertise and compliance with safety standards. We prioritize humane practices to manage pigeon populations effectively, ensuring your property remains free from avian disturbances. For residents facing infestation issues in Ottawa and surrounding areas, including Gatineau, Brockville, and Kingston, our team stands ready to provide immediate assistance.

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