The Squirrel

Physical Characteristics:

  • Size: Typically weighing between 400-700 grams and measuring 43-50 cm in length.
  • Color: Varied shades of grey, black, and red.

    Squirrels are distinguished by their rounded snouts, short ears, and keen eyesight. They are most active during morning and evening hours in dry weather conditions. Their diet includes nuts, maple seeds, fruits, and corn. Squirrels are notable for their unique ability to descend trees headfirst by rotating their wrists. 

Understanding Squirrel Behavior

Misconceptions and Realities: Many perceive squirrels as friendly creatures due to their acrobatic antics, but they can be destructive. The same energy they display leaping between tree branches is applied when they intrude on your attic or chew through items in your garage. Among rodents, squirrels are particularly damaging. Promptly contacting squirrel pest control services upon spotting them near your home is crucial. Delaying action risks damage not only to your property but also to gardens, where squirrels may uproot plants, stunting their growth.

Pest Profile squirrels

Identifying Squirrel Infestation

Signs and Sounds: Visual confirmation of squirrels joyfully navigating your surroundings is often the first sign of infestation. They may attempt to access roofs leading to attic spaces or be found rummaging through garages. Audible clues such as rustling or gnawing noises, especially from walls and attics, further indicate potential squirrel presence.

Control and Prevention

Effective Measures: Preventing squirrels from accessing your property can be challenging. They easily navigate fences and may burrow underground. However, electric fencing proves effective in some cases. For homes, sealing potential entry points and trimming tree limbs near roofs can deter both trees and flying squirrels from entering living spaces.

Managing Squirrel Infestation

Professional Services: Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control specializes in humane squirrel control. Our expert technicians conduct thorough inspections to assess infestation severity and tailor solutions accordingly. Utilizing non-lethal methods, they ensure squirrels are safely relocated without harm. Immediate contact with our team upon squirrel sighting is advised to prevent extensive property damage and subsequent repair costs.

Service Coverage: 

Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Removal serves various cities and towns across Ontario, including Ottawa, Gatineau, Brockville, Cornwall, Russell, Arnprior, Kingston, Embrun, Carleton, Kanata, Kemptville, Nepean, Orleans, Barrhaven, Clarence-Rockland, Goulbourn, Cumberland, Greely, Stittsville, Carp, and Almonte.

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