The Wasp

Size: 12-18 mm
Colour: Black and Yellow


Wasps are not the kind of insects anyone wants to be around. These dangerous creatures can cause significant harm, and their potential for damage can be fatal. Unlike bees, which have hairy black or brown bodies with orange and yellow patterns, wasps are sleek insects with smooth, shiny wings and vibrant black and yellow designs. Wasps produce a distinct buzzing sound that is easily noticeable. While honey bees attack only when provoked, wasps are more aggressive and can sting multiple times without dying, unlike bees that perish after a single sting.


Honey bees do not hibernate and live in large colonies, constructing their hives to stay warm. In contrast, wasps build their nests from decomposed food and their saliva, forming a papery structure each season. These nests are guarded by the queen and are dangerous to remove without professional help.

Pest Profile Wasp


For wasp removal services in Ottawa NCR, Orleans and surrounding regions, Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control offers top-notch solutions. Our highly trained technicians specialize in the removal of wasps and bumblebees with professional competence to ensure effective elimination. Our expertise has helped numerous homeowners in the Ottawa region by safely removing wasp, bumblebee, and hornet nests from their properties. This demonstrates the capability and dedication of our team. Using top-quality, safe equipment, our technicians locate, remove, and eliminate unwanted pests. Different types of bees require different treatments, and our skilled professionals know precisely what methods to use.


Our wasp extermination process is both effective and straightforward. It begins with a thorough assessment of the type and extent of the infestation. We then apply an effective insecticide, which the wasps carry back to their nests, thereby exterminating the entire colony. Our goal is to resolve the problem swiftly without causing harm to anyone or anything. Investing in deterrents or overly protective clothing is unnecessary and often ineffective. A permanent solution is required rather than a temporary fix. For your safety and those around you, contact Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control for professional wasp extermination. Our service area includes Ottawa, ON, and surrounding regions. Our technicians are highly skilled, dedicated, and courteous, ensuring the best possible outcome for your pest control needs.


At Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control, we have wildlife and pest control specialists ready to assist in Ottawa and surrounding areas, including Gatineau, Brockville, Cornwall, Russell, Arnprior, Kingston, Embrun, Carleton, Kanata, Kemptville, Nepean, Orleans, Barrhaven, Clarence-Rockland, Goulbourn, Cumberland, Greely, Stittsville, Carp, and Almonte.

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