Roof Snow Removal Ottawa


Roof Snow Removal Services Ottawa

Snow can be very heavy and put a lot of unnecessary stress on your building. This is especially true after a heavy downfall. The likelihood of ice dams forming increases when snow lingers on the roof. These ice dams prevent water runoff and this can cause leaks and water damage inside.

You can take a proactive approach to building maintenance by investing in our commercial roof snow removal service in ottawa. Your building operations are never interrupted and our snow removal equipment is state of the art.

Hip Roof Snow Removal Ottawa

One of the most common roof designs in Canada is a hip roof for both commercial and residential buildings. These roofs have four sloping sides that meet to form a peak or ridgeline.

Hip roofs tend to be one of the most stable types due to their design. The majority of snow will melt off the roof naturally and into the gutters or eavestroughs. However, if the hip roof has valleys, you will likely require additional help with snow removal.

Ottawa Gable Roof Snow Removal

Another common type of roof design in commercial and residential buildings are gable roofs. They are often referred to as pitched or peaked roofs as they have two sloping sides that meet in the middle. Gable roofs can have variations like opened or boxed gable roofs, Dutch gable roofs, etc.

Their design allows them to handle snowy climates by getting rid of excess snow and ice. However, you may need assistance with your gable roof snow removal if your roof is prone to problems with ice dams and clogged rains.

 Rooftop Snow Removal Ottawa & gatineau & eastern,ON

Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal Ottawa

Flat roofs are a prime candidate for roof snow removal due to the fact that they accumulate more snow over the course of winter than hip or gable roofs. In addition, melting water may cause damage if the roof doesn’t have appropriate drainage.

Our team will ensure that your flat roof is protected in winter and that your building won’t face future problems due to ice dams, excess snow and spring melts. Commercial flat roof snow removal will prevent any problems before they start.

Ottawa Mansard Roof Snow Removal

Mansard roofs are also known as a French roof or curb roof and are identifiable by the double slope on the four sides. The lower slope is steeper and is usually set with dormer windows, whereas the upper slope is flat – this provides additional usable space for the interior of the building.

Commercial or institutional buildings with mansard roofs can face difficulty with snow removal due to the flat upper slope of the roof. It may even be necessary in some cases to remove snow from the top level of the roof for water damage prevention. Our team has experience in dealing with these situations.

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