Stress-free Animal Control in Ottawa

We’ve all been there. You’re lying in bed at night and you hear something: the scritch-scratch, scritch-scratch of something…uninvited living in your house. You close your eyes and try to pretend you didn’t hear it.

But you can’t deny their presence.

Having animals in your house is stressful. The noise, the damage, the frustration, and having no idea how to get them out.

At Get’Em Out Wildlife Control, we have one goal: to take the stress out of it – both for you and the animal. 


One of our urban wildlife specialists will identify all points of entry and re-entry areas on the building.

Once we have completed our comprehensive home inspection, we will present you with photos and our action plan.



From there, we completely seal the building. When we come to the identified points of entry, we install a one-way-system device that allows the animals to safely leave the home or business. Essentially, the animal forget its keys inside the home, and doesn’t realize it until they walk out of the building.

If there are babies inside, we’ll safely remove them and put them in our custom heated reunion box to keep them safe. That way Mama can find a new location for her babies while ensuring they’re safe AND ensuring the mom doesn’t think they’re still trapped inside your home. No one wins with that approach!


Once the building is all sealed up and safe from re-entry, we assess the damages caused by the animals. If repairs are required such as attic restoration and clean up or shingle, soffit, fascia, siding repairs, we can provide a quote for such repairs.

All areas serviced by Get ‘Em Out is backed by a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Our number one objective is to make this already stressful situation as stress free as possible.

We don’t just Get’Em Out, we keep’em out!

What To Expect

We are a small crew of true professionals. We believe in doing a quality job to help you take care of your animal problem. You’re not going to be paying big money for someone to come out and slap up some chicken wire on an animal entry point. We take our time to fully explain what the animals are doing, and we present a common-sense solution.

In order to ensure that you have the best possible experience, and that we don’t track any damaged or toxic stuff through your house, we go in through the roof of your house when removing contaminated insulation and debris. This ensures that all material, insulation and, well, animal poop, stays away from you and your loved ones.

Not only that, but we show up to work in unmarked vans, so your neighbours have no idea you’re dealing with an animal problem.

You also get peace of mind. That sense of security that comes with knowing your house is safe from pests for the long run.