Soffit & Fascia Install and Repair


Soffit & Fascia Install and Repair

Key components of your home are your fascia and soffit, however, a great deal of homeowners don’t know what they are or how they work. These trim components are a huge factor in how your house not only breathes, but also functions.

If something goes wrong with your soffit and fascia, significant problems like moisture damage, curling shingles, pests and wood rot will be present. These key components can’t be ignored or overlooked – they are critical to the proper ventilation of your home.

Soffit and fascia play a critical role in preventing roof and shingle damage caused by winter weather like rain, snow, and ice. Soffit and fascia can be seriously damaged by ice damming. One of the major problems we see with soffit and fascia is their improper installation. This can lead to issues with flashing.

Roof ventilation problems like rotting wood, peeling paint, damaged insulation, and even mold happen with improper flashing. The soffit and fascia are a crucial component of our house due to their important role in the roof’s ventilation system.

mold treatment

How do you know if your soffit and fascia need to be replaced due to damage?

  • Visible rotting wood or leaks
  • The fascia appears to be in need of paint
  • Peeling paint or surrounding discolouration
  • Pests or small animals getting into the house

The look and comfort of your home are greatly impacted by soffit and fascia issues. When the siding or roof is being replaced, it’s an important time to also consider the replacement of the soffit and fascia.

Contact us today if you are concerned about your soffit and fascia. It’s important to work with a trustworthy company. Soffits and fascia are a vital part of roof ventilation and if they are not installed correctly, it can damage your warranty.

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