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Squirrel Removal Kanata

Having squirrels in your attic can drive you nuts.

They destroy anything and everything. Wood gets chewed to pieces, insulation gets torn apart (and used for nests and covered in droppings), and they stash – and forget about – piles of food everywhere.

How do you know you have squirrels?
Squirrels are most active during the day. You’ll hear them starting at daybreak, scurrying around, scratching and there’s a good chance you’ll even see them sneaking in and out.

To help you get rid of squirrels in the attic, we’ve got your back.

squirrel removal kanata

Squirrel Removal from your Home in Kanata

We start with our 50-point property assessment. We identify all points of entry and determine whether you have just one squirrel or a whole nest. From there, we determine what to do next.

If it’s just one squirrel, or one that hasn’t had a litter yet, we install one-way doors on all entry points and spray a deodorizer to encourage the squirrel to move on to a different location.

If there’s a nest? Then the first thing we do after installing the one-way doors is removing the babies.

We keep the babies in a safe, insulated (and warm) custom reunion box. Once the mother realizes the kids are outside, she quickly moves on to a backup nest.

Once your attic is squirrel free, we do all necessary repairs and restoration work.

We come back after 14 days to ensure the critters haven’t returned to your home and that you’re happy with the work that we’ve done. We guarantee any and all work for life.


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We are the only Ottawa Pest Control company that offers you full removal and repairs caused by wildlife.

Squirrel Removal Service | Testimonials

Sean is friendly and professional. He is a wealth of information and clearly explains the behaviour and problems with each pest.

He and his team did a big squirrel project on our semi detached home last year. Our attached neighbour and I were very pleased with their service in a tricky space.
Sean was prompt to return when we notice other issues even a year later. It was not more pests just some worn shingles but he is very attentive to his work and stands by his service.
I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rebecca Will

Google Review

We have an expecting mother squirrel in the attic. Sean made a quick inspection of our house and came up with a plan to have the nest removed, the attic cleaned and our house secured from future “visitors” in the attic. We are very please with the service and process. No waste of time and knowledgeable service.

Denis Quinn

Google Review

After unsuccessfully battling the red squirrels that had moved into our cottage attic, I decided to get professional help and called Get ‘Em Out. Sean came up to the cottage, quickly diagnosed the problem and recommended a solution that would let ’em out and keep ’em from getting back in. Jake followed up within the week and got the work done to our full satisfaction. I was very impressed by the responsiveness, knowledge, skill and courtesy they demonstrated throughout the process, and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Don MacLean

Google Review