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Many people think squirrels are cute and, on face value, it is hard to argue with that. They are generally considered friendly and shy animals, but none of those positive traits change the fact that squirrels can be pests as well. Especially when rummaging through your attic, squirrels can drive you – pardon the pun – nuts. They can cause a lot of damage and the constant noise can be a nuisance.

If squirrels occupy your attic, the squirrel trappers at Get Em Out Wildlife Control can help you in getting rid of squirrels. Contact now our Ottawa squirrel removal & control experts.

Squirrel Removal & Control Ottawa

Signs of Squirrels in Your Ottawa Home

Squirrels are lively, but also small and quiet animals. They are mostly active during the day when there is more noise and commotion around the house. So how can you find out whether you have squirrels running through your attic?

There are a few signs you can look out for. For example, you will likely be able to best hear squirrels early in the morning at daybreak. They will scurry and scratch around the attic, causing all kinds of havoc. You may also want to keep an eye out for recurring squirrel sightings around your house and yard. If you keep an eye on them, you may even catch a glimpse as they sneak in and out of your attic (which also helps determine their point of entry).

Problems Squirrels May Cause in Ottawa

Squirrels may be cute and relatively friendly, but they are still a pest to have in your home. Aside from the noise, they can cause a lot of damage to your home – and even threaten your personal health.

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your home. Much like is the case with beavers and other rodents, the teeth of squirrels never cease to grow. That is why these critters constantly have to chew on things. Your attic is a prime location for squirrels where they find wood, metal, plastics and other materials to chew on and keep their growing teeth in check. This also includes wooden beams, insulation, and electrical cables. The latter can be a fire hazard, so it is important to call professional squirrel exterminators ottawa as soon as possible if you have a squirrel in your home.

But chewing things to pieces is not the only damage squirrels can cause. They also require food and materials for their nests. They will constantly bring in food from outside and scatter it throughout your attic, causing a big mess. Further, insulation is a wonderful, fluffy material for their nests. They rip it to pieces which causes your home to lose a lot of heat.

Lastly, squirrels are also a health hazard for you and your pets. Their droppings contain a range of diseases, including salmonellosis and leptospirosis. They also carry ticks and fleas which may spread to your pets and loved ones.

All these are reasons to have squirrels removed from your attic. Keep in mind also that squirrels can reproduce twice a year. Their litters usually include between 4-6 babies, so any hesitation can cause your problem to grow exponentially. You will therefore want to move quickly with your squirrel removal in Ottawa.

Our Squirrel Control Process in Ottawa

Get Em Out Wildlife control is your expert in squirrel control in Ottawa. We start with our 50-point property assessment during which we identify all points of entry (for the squirrels) into your home. The assessment also helps us determine whether you have just one squirrel or an entire nest. From there, we determine the course of action.

If we are dealing with just one squirrel or one that hasn’t had a litter yet, the process is pretty straightforward. We install one-way doors at all determined entry points to your attic. In addition, we spray a deodorizing repellant. This encourages the squirrel to abandon your attic and move on to a different location.

If we find an entire nest of squirrel babies, the process is slightly different. After installing the one-way doors, our squirrel trappers will remove the babies from the nest. We will keep them in a safe, insulated and warm custom reunion box where they will later be reunited with their mother.
Once the mother finds her babies are outside the house, she will look for them. Once the squirrel family is reunited, she will try to go back into the attic but find herself unable to re-enter thanks to the installed one-way door. As a result, the mother and her babies will quickly move on to a backup nest (squirrels maintain between five and ten alternative nests at all times).
Once your attic is squirrel free, we begin the repair and restoration work. This includes any damage caused by the squirrels, such as repairing your insulation, removing squirrel droppings, and cleaning and disinfecting the area.

Finally, we schedule a follow-up inspection appointment 14 days after the removal of the squirrels from your attic. Doing so allows us to ensure that the critters have not returned to your home and that you are happy with the repair work we have done. All of our work comes with a lifetime guarantee, but we want to make extra sure you are happy with the job we have done.

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Squirrel Removal in Ottawa

Our team at Get Em Out Wildlife Control are experts in squirrel control in Ottawa and ready to help you in getting rid of squirrels in your home and attic. If you need help in getting rid of squirrels, we are here for you. We bring over ten years of experience in squirrel removal in Ottawa. Not only are we squirrel exterminators, but our experience in home renovation and repairs also allows us to conduct all related repairs and renovations that come along with it. Contact us today and receive a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Signs That I Have Squirrels In My House?

Squirrels can be hard to locate in your home, but there are a few signs you can look for. The most likely place for squirrels to invade your home is in the attic. Therefore, listen for scratching and tapping sounds in the early morning hours. Also, keep an eye on repeated squirrel sightings around your house. Other signs of a squirrel infestation are feces, a pungent smell, and damage such as chewed cable, damaged baseboards, etc. If you are unsure whether you have squirrels in your home, give the squirrel trappers at Get Em Out Wildlife a call.

How Can I Prevent Squirrels From Entering My House?

The best way to prevent squirrels from entering your home is by eliminating potential points of entry. Make sure to check for broken window screens or cracks. Often squirrels also enter through the chimney. Consider installing a mesh covering to seal them shut. Finally, make sure that no tree branches hang over or lean onto your roof as they present a perfect bridge for squirrels to climb onto your roof. If you have any other questions on how to prevent squirrels from entering your home, or if you want our professionals to help, call Get Em Out Wildlife -.

I Like Squirrels. Why Do I Need To Get Rid Of Them?

Even if you like squirrels, it is important to keep them out of your house for two reasons. Number one is that they can cause a lot of damage to your property. They will chew tree bark, dig holes in your yard, and eat from your vegetable garden. Although, the more significant damage occurs when they enter the house because they can tear up the insulation or cause structural damage by chewing on roof support beams. They may also be a fire hazard from chewing on electrical wires.
Further, squirrels pose a health hazard. They can carry different viruses and diseases, like salmonella, ticks or flees. As cute as they may be: it is best to get rid of squirrels on your property as quickly as possible. Give us a call for your squirrel removal Ottawa.

How Can I Get Rid Of Squirrels?

Squirrels are shy and quick – unless they feel cornered or threatened. Since squirrels can carry diseases, their scratches and bites can carry serious consequences. It is therefore, best to contact a professional squirrel exterminator to have them removed from your home. Get Em Out Wildlife has the know-how and experience to remove squirrels safely, effectively, and humanely from your home. For more information or to receive a quote, contact us today.

Squirrel Removal Service | Testimonials

Sean is friendly and professional. He is a wealth of information and clearly explains the behaviour and problems with each pest.

He and his team did a big squirrel project on our semi detached home last year. Our attached neighbour and I were very pleased with their service in a tricky space.
Sean was prompt to return when we notice other issues even a year later. It was not more pests just some worn shingles but he is very attentive to his work and stands by his service.
I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rebecca Will

Google Review

We have an expecting mother squirrel in the attic. Sean made a quick inspection of our house and came up with a plan to have the nest removed, the attic cleaned and our house secured from future “visitors” in the attic. We are very please with the service and process. No waste of time and knowledgeable service.

Denis Quinn

Google Review

After unsuccessfully battling the red squirrels that had moved into our cottage attic, I decided to get professional help and called Get ‘Em Out. Sean came up to the cottage, quickly diagnosed the problem and recommended a solution that would let ’em out and keep ’em from getting back in. Jake followed up within the week and got the work done to our full satisfaction. I was very impressed by the responsiveness, knowledge, skill and courtesy they demonstrated throughout the process, and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Don MacLean

Google Review