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Sean at Get ‘ Em Out quickly and accurately assessed the problem and thoroughly explained the solution to our mouse issue. Joshua was meticulous and professional in helping us deal with the little critters. Not only dealing with the mice but also helping to prevent further problems by sealing up any possible problem areas. It is nice to deal with a company of professionals that take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend them.

Susan Eastman

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We called Get Em Out yesterday and Sean came by to take a look at our house today. Within a few minutes he had already found the hole that the mice were getting under the siding through, and after a few quick measurements he had an estimate and had walked me through the whole process. He was professional and polite, and very quick.

Jay Wilson

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Sean and his staff were knowledgeable and excellent with answering any questions regarding our situation. Quote was provided fast and efficiently. Sean explained previous work on our house was ineffective and made sure the job was done right. Not only did he explain why throughly but made sure our house is now protected from any future rodents.

Sonia Weland

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Since moving into a home with some previous neglect, Get Em Out has been helping us get a handle on things. They’ve been honest since the get go and provided really thorough work while providing EXCEPTIONAL customer service. We’ve had many various tradespeople and contractors in, and Get Em Out is night and day in their services provided.

Thea Powers

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Excellent experience with Get em Out. They fixed the problem of where a raccoon was trying to get into my attic fast and effectively. This company is excellent to work with from the booking, to service, to payment. Very responsive and professional. They were also very respectful of physical distancing during their visit. I highly recommend them.

Sandra Kuchta

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Sean has been our go to resource for all manner of wildlife issues dating back many years. He offers a thoughtful and humane approach to dealing with these problems and he is as straight as six o’clock. I recommend him highly.

Doc Methot

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We thought we had squirrels in our bay window enclosure. Turns out a momma raccoon had moved in with her babies. When we asked friends and neighbours for a reputable wildlife control service, several mentioned Get ‘Em Out. We’re glad they did!

Greg and Amanda were great to work with. Greg came, assessed the situation and enacted a plan to safely and harmlessly get the racoons out of the space. And because he is certified to do restoration work as well, he was able to give us a quote to repair the damage.

As promised, the raccoons were safely removed and their restoration work was spot on. Their staff were all friendly and professional. I was very impressed that on such a hot day, they did a great job of rotating people in and out to look after the health and safety of their employees. I would not hesitate to recommend Get ‘Em Out Wildlife for any pest issues you’re having. Don’t waste your time with a large, multinational. Keep your money in the community and support this great local business.

Tim Warmington

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When you tell your wife you hear noises and she doesn’t hear them, she thinks your crazy. Fortunately, a week later she heard noises too. After installing cameras in the attic to find out what was causing the ruckus, we noticed a raccoon entering upside down through an air vent on the roof that had come loose.

Get’em Out came by for an inspection then about a week later they came by and set up the one way door and a heat box for any offspring that the raccoon may have had. Turns out she had 4 pups a few days before they returned to finish there work.

In the end everything turned out well for us and the raccoon family. Price was reasonable, there work was great and the information they provided was helpful. Thanks kindly to Amanda, Sean, Geoff and Quinn + any others I did not meet or speak to.



Did a thorough job on our house – including free attic inspection afterwards to assess any damage. Didn’t try to upsell. When they had to reschedule for a week later during COVID-19, gave a discount on the bill without needing to be asked. Great customer service, and great work!

Teilo Moore

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This company was wonderful to work with from day one. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional at all times and did top notch work. Everyone from the office staff to the fellows that came to my house were very friendly and helpful, answering any questions or concerns we had.
I would very, very highly recommend Get ‘Em Out.

Susan Mitchell

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I appreciated the quick response and excellent service which was of great comfort to my tenants. Special thanks to Rayce for his super professional work, fixing the problems humanely and with a smile. All the best! Nita

Nita Saville

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We would not hesitate referring anyone to this business. We had an issue of a raccoon trying to get in our house aggressively ripping at the vinyl siding.
We were more than pleased with Quinn,
who professionally, raccoon proofed our house and secured all points of possible entry. He also secured our siding. Thanks for a great job!

Carol Anne Stewart

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I called Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control when I had a raccoon living in my attic. Sean and his team were EXCELLENT in dealing with the entire situation. After the safe and humane removal of the animal, he reinforced our home in a secure and aesthetically pleasing way. The lifetime warranty ensures we won’t have the issue again. I can’t recommend this company strongly enough.

Don Campbell

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We are the only Ottawa pest control company that offers you full removal and repairs caused by wildlife. Not to mention the wide array of maintenance and repair work we do! But not only that: we are proud to have received back-to-back Top Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021, among others. Most importantly though, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients: just look at our reviews on Google, HomeStars and some of our testimonials.

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